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Specializing in hard to find & Standard Moldings


Custom Kiln Drying


We have been Kiln Drying and Milling Lumber since 1985.



Stocked Items will be posted on our web page at www.williamswood.net or call Scott 337-515-6996 for availability



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Kiln Dried Lumber

We Kiln Dry Hardwood Lumber 4/4 and 5/4 to the moisture content 6% to 8%. Such as Red Oak, Ash & Cypress. For Southern Yellow Pine 4/4 and 5/4 is dried to 12% to 14% moisture content. The time it takes to dry is dependent on the amount of moisture in the material. The wetter it is the longer it takes. For example dead green oak 4/4 or 5/4 takes about 3 to 4 weeks. If the material has been air drying for approximately 6 weeks the moisture should be about 30% to 50%. This would take about 1 to 2 weeks to dry. If the material has been air drying for approximately 6 months the moisture should be about 20% to 30%. This would take about 4 to 10 days to dry. If you have had the material stored in a hot tin barn for 6 months the moisture content is not going to dry down to 6% to 8%. Its only going to dry to whatever the surrounding air is, which is almost always wet here in Southwest Louisiana. If you build any furniture or cabinets out of material that is going to be stored inside your house where the air conditioner and heat is on, that has not been kiln dried, the boards are going to shrink and the joints are going to open up. The capacity of our kiln is approximately 10,000 board feet in one charge. The longest material we can get in the kiln is approximately 26 feet. The kiln is forklift loaded this only takes about an hour to unload and reload.



Surfacing Operation

            We use a Buss 55 Double Planer, set up to surface the top & bottom S2S, up to 30” wide x 14” thick, after the material goes through the kiln. We mainly use this to clean and flatten the material so we can grade the material. 


Finishing Planing Operation

            We use a 24” Extrema  Double  Planer, set up to surface the top & bottom S2S, up to 24” wide x 7” thick, after the material goes through the kiln. We mainly use this to clean and flatten the material so we can grade the material. 





Straight Edge Rip Saw Operation


            We use a Mattison 202 rip saw to cut a straight edge on one edge and also to cut out blanks for the molder.



High Speed Molder Operation

We use a Hermance, Weinig & Silver molders to produce most of our moldings that includes flooring, crown, base, siding, quarter round, shoe, etc… We have approximately 400 sets of knives. 

Hermance Molder


Weinig  Molder


Silver Molder



Profile Grinding Operation

            We also have two profile grinders to make and to resharpen knives for the molder and shaper cutter heads. 

Situations often arise where stock molding profiles are unsuitable to complete a millwork project. Williams Wood Moldings specializes in custom and historical molding reproductions and new profile designs. We have the ability to match molding profiles to existing samples, photos, artist renderings or architects drawings. In addition, we provide our customers the opportunity to custom order their moldings in any hardwood or softwood species. The customization capabilities of Williams Wood offer the discriminating customer the tools to design, modify and complete the perfect project.

The steps in our customization process are as follows:

Computerized drawings are developed to match the desired profiles. These drawings are made available to the customer for review and approval.

Once approved, the drawings are used to develop custom knives and tooling to cut the desired molding profiles.

The customer is then offered the opportunity to select and specify the hardwood or softwood species of their choice.

The custom moldings are manufactured, carefully packaged and shipped to the job site.

Samples of the project and its required tooling is recorded and cataloged by customer name for future use.







Stocked Moldings:

Type Molding


Price per Foot

5 Ό” Crown x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade


5 Ό” Base x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade


4 Ό” Crown x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade


3 Ό” Crown x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade


3 Ό” Casing (9E) x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade


3 Ό” Chair Rail x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade


Ύ” Qtr. Round x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade


Ύ” Shoe x 14’

SYP C&Btr Stain Grade





We also have other moldings not listed in smaller quantities.


Typical Moldings we Manufacture


Crown, Base, Casing, Fluted, Beaded, Cove, Quarter Round, Half Round, Shoe, Siding, SPIB Pattern #105, 115, 116, 117, 122, Log Cabin Siding, Bevel Siding, T/G Double Beaded Ceiling, 1x6, 1x4 T/G Flooring also in Kiln Dried After Treat (KDAT) Milled to Pattern, 3” x 6” Double T/G, 2” x 6” w/ 3/8” T/G


Other Materials we have Special Ordered: Call for Current Pricing.

Glue Lam Beams (Non Treated or Treated), 

Cypress Timbers 4" x 4" x 20' thru 12" x 12" x 20'

Timbers Southern Yellow Pine 2"x6"x30' thru 12"x12"x30' (Non Treated or Treated to .25, .40, .60, .80)

Round Pilings & Post Treated 2.5 (For Salt Water) 6" Tip x 20' thru 12" Butt x 35'

Treated Decking #2 Southern Yellow Pine 5/4" x 6" x 16' Treated to .25.

We also mill High End Moldings from

Material Supplier Inventory List









Alder, Red

Alder, Red

Ash, Natural


Ash, White

Antique (Reclaimed) Lumber & Timber

Birch, Natural

Ash, White

Birch, Natural (Prefinished)


Birch, Chinese, Natural


Birch, Chinese, Natural (Prefinished)

Basswood, Appalachian

Birch, Red

Beech, Nth

Birch, Russian

Birch, Yellow

Birch, White

Bubinga, African

Cedar, Aromatic, Red

Cedar, Aromatic Red


Cedar, Spn


Cherry, Appalachian


Cherry, Southern

Fir, Exterior

Cottonwood, Southern

Fir, Marine

Sinker Cypress


Yellow Cypress



Mahogany, African

Red Gum

Mahogany, Honduras (Genuine)

Sap Gum

Maple, Natural

Hickory, Northern

Maple, Natural (Prefinished)


Maple, White

Ipe Decking




Limba, Black

Obeche (Prefinished)

Limba, White




Magnolia, Southern

Pine, Parana

Mahogany, African

Pine, Radiata, Exterior

Mahogany, Genuine

Pine, White (Knotty)



Hard Maple, Northern

Red Oak

Soft Maple, Northern, Figured Grain

Red Oak (Prefinished)

Soft Maple, Northern, Paint Grain


Soft Maple, Northern, Whad


Soft Maple, Pacific Coast


Red Oak, Appalachian


Red Oak, Southern 

White Oak

White Oak, Appalachian

4' x 10' Plywood

White Oak, Southern

8' x 4' Counter Front Plywood

Obeche, African

Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

Padauk, African


Pecan, Southern


Ponderosa Pine, West Coast


Eastern White Pine


Radiata Pine


Sinker Pine, Dense Texture


Yellow Pine, Southern


Yellow Poplar


Purple heart, South American








Walnut, Steamed American, Black


Wenge, West African


Willow, Southern


Zebrawood, African


Yellow Cypress Timbers



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Photos of Installed Millwork

5 1/4 Paneling on Ceiling


5 1/4 Paneling on Ceiling

5 1/4" Crown Installed on 9'-0" Ceiling