David Richardís Flooring

The logs were cuton 12/27/2010 (Sinker Pine)

Installed Floor Spring 2011

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Notice these logs were cut with an ax in the 1800ís

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Look in the center of this photo you can see what looks like a figure 8.

This is the Nash brand. These trees were ax cut in the 1880's.

The logs were pulled from the Sabine River in the summer of 2010. Cut into boards December 2010

This material was kiln dried, straight line ripped, planed, and milled into flooring in early 2011.

Installed flooring in the Spring of 2011

This is what Sinker Pine Floor looks like.

The dark chocolate color comes from being in the mud for 140 years at the bottom of the river.

There is no stain on this floor just clear.

This is one of three original square pegs installed in David's floor. They was used to hold the logs together in a raft during the trip

down the Sabine River to the sawmill.

These photos were taken June 11, 2011 by Scott