1 Car (any model, any working condition)


1 Car Key


1/8 Tank Gas


1 Air Conditioner


1 Heater


1 Radio


Few Pieces of Bread


1 Empty Stomach




Place Yourself in Car (with “Bread” and Key) . Turn on ignition.  Add heat or air

conditioner to “taste”.  Blend with Radio Music (any station). Back out of drive-

way on street. Drive to nearest Popeye’s Fried Chicken Restaurant(You know where

 it is).Drive to drive-thru speaker.  Order 1 box of popcorn shrimp(beverage

 optional). Go to drive-thru window and get your order and give person your

 “Bread”. Drive Home (you know where it is ). Park car and turn off ignition.

 Remove yourself from the car and bring your key and popcorn shrimp inside.  If beverage is needed, get beverage from refrigeration ( Beer compliments shrimp). Utensils are not necessary..  Now eat before it gets cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Submitted by Doris John

This was done by Ellis Johns niece Leslie John Pickett in 1986 for our Amuny/John cookbook